Is your Quality Manager a disruptor?

I’ve been hearing this expression around quite a bit lately and it made me think about what I do as a Quality Consultant.
Every time I go to help a company review their processes or systems, I am acting as a disruptor in some way, challenging why and how they undertake their activities and looking to identify ways to make it better.
Now I’m sure that some of you will have a very negative image of a disruptor. Maybe someone who is a bit picky, or makes trouble where there is none, or even someone who just won’t take your word for it.
Indeed, there are some Quality Managers out there who do come across that way, but the good ones, the ones with a focus on improvement, will be asking those questions and challenging your activities in a way that will encourage your engagement in explaining why and how you do what you do, and supporting you in thinking about whether you may be able to make it even better.
But, I think a good Quality Manager would never want to be seen as a disruptor. If that’s how you’re viewed then you have already lost the battle as people will be wary of sharing information with you, and if you don’t have the trust of the team you’re trying to help, then your input will be limited.
So I would say that a good Quality Manager should be a disruptor in that they challenge the norm and look for innovative solutions to issues, but always with a positive focus on engaging those around them in identifying and implementing opportunities for improvement.

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